How does "Automated Marketplace Payout" work?

Below are the steps how "Automated Marketplace Payout" works?

On Talent Side

  1. Talent must have an active Pro, Plus or Elite Plan
  2. Talent provide bank details in StageManager (, My Profile, Identification
  3. Talent turn on Credit Card option under My Service Manager
  4. Turning on Credit Card payment affects all service offerings ( Menu and Event Services).



Booking Process

  1. Customer will place booking using Credit Card
  2. Talent accept booking
  3. Customer card will be charged if service date within 30 days


Payment Release Process

  1. Payment can be released either by customers manually acknowledging the service completion in the Service Voucher (fastest) or auto-release when no service acknowledgement is received after 7 days.
  2. Talent is expected to receive payment in their bank account in 7 working days, minus the handling fees.



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