What is Automated Marketplace Payout?

When you select "Automated Marketplace Payout" in StageManager (My Service Manager), StageMetro acts as the trusted party between your customer and the service provider (you).

The customer will use his credit card to pay when booking your service and this payment is held by StageMetro as service guarantee to both parties. The payment will be released automatically to your specified bank account within 7 working days upon service completion. Besides offering unprecedented convenience, this feature also protects you against last minute cancellation with 50% of the fees transferred to you as customer penalty.

Click here for the updated cancellation and refund policy implemented.

Under regulatory guidelines, usage of this feature requires you to provide all required legal identity details and proof under "My Profile".

Usage of this service is also subjected to a nominal handling fee that is shared on StageManager.



Choosing Credit Card Payment in My Service Manager (



Will activate customer payment by credit card



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