What kind of features are available on a talent's Stage?

The list of features includes but not limited to

1. Talent Profile where they share about themselves and achievements/certifications.

2. Picture Gallery

3. Video Gallery, which also feeds the "Watch" video wall of the app.

4. Blogging - where they share daily news about their passion.

5. Ask Me - where users can ask them questions about their passion or craft.

6. Digital Gifts - a wall they can see all the love they received from fans!

7. Trophies - "unlocked" digital trophies after achieving certain milestones (e.g completed 100 service bookings"

8. Stage Level - A "leveling" system where they move up Star ratings when they receive positive endorsement from fans or customers. These include activities like sharing their stage, "liking" their videos, good service rating and more.

9. Services - ability to offer their personal services on StageMetro's marketplace.


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