How does the lifestyle services marketplace work?

StageMetro's lifestyle services marketplace is simple and natural to use.

  1. Go to the Stage of the talent you like/followed.
  2. Look around their Stage (e.g. Reviews) to decide if they are suitable for your needs. 
  3. Click on the "Book" button. "Add to Cart" the services you like. Click "Proceed" when you are done.
  4. Choose from available service dates and venue in the next screen and click "Submit".
  5. At this point, your service order will be submitted to the talent for acceptance.
  6. You will receive an in-app notification once talent accept the booking.
  7. A Service Voucher will be issued and it will inform you to "Pay Cash" on the service day if that's the payment mode the talent preferred.
  8. When service is completed, acknowledge it via the Service Voucher again. This is important so that a service rating can be issued and acknowledged by the system.

You can cancel/reschedule your bookings without penalty as long as it's done 24 hours before the actual service date. However, note that if you cancel your booking within 24 hours of the service date or "No Show" on the day of service, the system will note these incidents down. After 3 such incidents, your booking ability will be automatically suspended for a month before it's re-enabled again.

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